[discontinued] This was the main service of Groovy - the actual Discord bot.
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Groovy pipeline status Crowdin Discord Bots

Groovy is a feature-rich and experienced music-bot for Discord. Supports YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer and Spotify!


In order to use Groovy you need to invite him first to your personal Discord guild! You can do that by visiting invite.groovybot.co! Just select your server and hit authorize!


Groovy is an easy to use music-bot as it delivers plenty of simple features to increase your experience on Discord! You'll get a basic overview at groovybot.co and also by using the command g!help which displays you all commands splitted in categories! To get more specific information about a command type in g!help command where command is for example play. To play your first song use g!play song where song is a basic query (e.g. high hopes panic at the disco or a link to YouTube, Spotify etc).


There is any problem that you cannot solve? Join our support-server at support.groovybot.co where you'll definitely get help!

Join Groovy Support


You want to get all features that Groovy can offer? You don't want to be restricted while using Groovy? Consider donating at donate.groovybot.co which will enable you to increase your music-experience to unlimited!