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  Magic_RB 349bad1de3
Clean up makeSystem, move more stuff into module system 44 minutes ago
  Magic_RB f844d70db1
Crond and cronie 45 minutes ago
  Magic_RB 44639ca55d
Activation script rework 46 minutes ago
  Magic_RB 6236d9e963
add writeSubstitutedShellScriptBin 5 days ago
  Magic_RB d8e553000c
Add writeSubstitutedFile 5 days ago
  Magic_RB a39455d5e0
Add socklog service 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 8bb5fd19bb
Add logging framework and split up runit files 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 788ba0a5cc
Add dumb-init init 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 5f66546936
More examples and very bad tooling 1 week ago
  Magic_RB adc803aa87
README.md: fix typo 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 08c34f6219
Switch to png as Gitea doesn't render svg 1 week ago
  Magic_RB ac37a85090
Add README and COPYING 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 160c62901d
Factor out example systems 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 2a36aefcab
Add package setting for Apache service 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 97d355c416
Fix nobody being mapped to 0 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 81e126e364
Add Gitea service 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 2570dcc47d
Fixup example webserver system 1 week ago
  Magic_RB bad5e28b7a
Add proper activation script 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 1e44d8a6ba
Add ensureSomething (needs a new name) to init and runit 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 06df62c6a5
Fully functional users module 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 30f316390b
Delete activation and update nixpkgs 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 3c49c6a0a6
Make runit work in containers 1 week ago
  Magic_RB f4904e5ad3
Add Apache HTTPD which hooks into NixOS 1 week ago
  Magic_RB 80096f5e72
Add very simple premade Apache config 2 weeks ago
  Magic_RB 64bcf63a30
Remove custom bootloader 2 weeks ago
  Magic_RB ee6c1f8670
Bootloader, activation and ISO generation 2 weeks ago
  Magic_RB 75323d9d85
runInVm implementation 2 weeks ago
  Magic_RB f913a13d3d
Services: apache2, getty and oci image export 2 weeks ago
  Magic_RB 0485bb54e7
Add to lib 2 weeks ago
  Magic_RB dea98018de
runInVm and more Linux 3 weeks ago
  Magic_RB 51c9d3afd4
Add basic bootloader 3 weeks ago
  Magic_RB f9867ebb7a
Non functional basic kernel 3 weeks ago
  Magic_RB d53bdaed55
Separate out all the make* functions 3 weeks ago
  Magic_RB 919a982dce
Assertions, initramfs and activation 3 weeks ago
  Magic_RB f93e5427c0
NixNG beginnings, glorious beginnings 3 weeks ago