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This is supposed to be a fully working simulation and implementation of the OSPF network algorithm for finding the best(fastest) route for packets, depending on the speed between of the connections between routers.

How it works

We have two threads. Main thread is responsible for rendering and passing information to the second, simulation thread. On the simulation thread, the network simulation runs. For that we use the Network class which is responsible for passing around messages. Messages are an instance of Message class. A network has a list of routers, objects of the Router class which have they unique RouterId which is basically an IP v.4 address. Updates, such as a new routers and requests for fastest paths are passed into the Network by a NetworkHandle, which has access to the Network thread and is able to send it information. This information is passed by so called Events which are instances of the Event class. Events can be passed both ways, in order to communicate actions which should be rendered on the main thread.


  • SFML 2.4
  • clang 13.0