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Badmin Simulator

badmin simulator logo


Are you masochistic and depressed? Have you ever wanted to live your life as a system administrator for a high school full of unthankful children? If you answered yes then Badmin Simulator is the right game for you!

How to Play

Badmin Simulator is a typical 'beat the clock' game, with the objective to complete as many admin-like tasks before a time limit expires. The tasks are relatively simple, such as fixing a BSOD or replacing a broken access point. Tasks will gradually appear all over the map as the game progresses.


Fixing a BSOD

Every now and then, the Windows on the school computer breaks and causes the computer to bluescreen. After interacting with the broken PC, a stuck loading screen appears. To help the Windows load, drag the blue loading bar to the right. If performed correctly, the loading percentage will increase. This action needs to be performed three times to fix the broken computer.

Replacing an Access Point

Access points that need replacing will glow red instead of their usual blue colour. Upon interacting with the AP, it first needs to be unscrewed from the wall, one screw at a time. To unscrew a screw, press the WASD keys in that order. This needs to be repeated a total of four times.

Once all four screws are unscrewed, the access point needs to swapped out for a new one by pressing Spacebar. The new AP then needs to be screwed in, using the WDSA keys in that order. As with unscrewing, this needs to be done for all four screws.


Control Keybind Secondary Keybind
Forward W Up Arrow
Back S Down Arrow
Left A Left Arrow
Right D Right Arrow
Interact E

Keybinds can be modified inside the settings.json file.

Player Characters

Value Sprite
inga inga
lenka lenka
lomen lomen
mc main character
samo samo

The player character can be changed inside settings.json with one of the above values.


Use Git to clone the repository via:

git clone

To run the game, simply launch the file.

Installing Dependencies

Badmin Simulator requires Pygame and NumPy to function properly. These can be installed using pip:

pip install pygame numpy

Installing Pillow is not required to play to game, but is necessary to convert the map when modified. Regular players are not expected to modify the map and thus don't need to install it.

pip install pillow


  • enp0s25 - lead programming, game design
  • Sei - game design, art, additional programming