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Red Alder systems


This repository contains Docker images built from Nixpkgs and custom Nix packages created by Red Alder. The Docker images can be accessed with systems.dockerImages.<imageName> and the packages are accessible in a format similar to Flakes. Meaning systems.flakes.<packageName>, contains the outputs of a Flake which contains the package and a NixOS module if applicable, for example systems.flakes.klippy.defaultPackage."x86_64-linux" and systems.flakes.moonraker.nixosModules. Even though the Nix packages are almost Flakes, this repository is completely pure.

Current Contents

Docker Images

While this repository does contain, what I'd consider functional and well made images, I must warn you that they are far from finished, bug free or stable. If you wish to use them in production, consider this your warning. They shouldn't delete your data, but I can't guarantee anything. So good luck!

Nix Packages