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Due to intel_pstate poor performances as of late, I have decided to set it to passive mode to make use of the acpi_cpufreq governors passthrough, keeping full support for turbo frequencies.

Nvidia prop drivers might need to be patched if they aren't supporting your chosen kernel OOTB ( can do that automatically for you)

Custom Linux kernels with specific CPU schedulers related patchsets selector (CFS is an option for every kernel) with added tweaks for a nice interactivity/performance balance, aiming for the best gaming experience.

  • 5.10rc (Undead PDS, Project C / PDS & BMQ, MuQSS)
  • 5.9.y (Undead PDS, Project C / PDS & BMQ, MuQSS)
  • 5.8.y (Undead PDS, Project C / PDS & BMQ)
  • 5.7.y (MuQSS, PDS, Project C / BMQ)
  • 5.4.y (MuQSS, PDS, BMQ)


Project C / PDS & BMQ :

Undead PDS: PDS-mq was originally created by Alfred Chen :

While he dropped it with kernel 5.1 in favor of its BMQ evolution/rework, my pretty bad gaming experiences with BMQ up to this point convinced me to keep PDS afloat for as long as it'll make sense/I'll be able to. Update: Alfred has revived PDS through Project C as of kernel 5.8.0 release.

Various personalization options available and userpatches support (put your own patches in the same dir as the PKGBUILD, with the ".mypatch" extension). The options built with are installed to /usr/share/doc/$pkgbase/customization.cfg, where $pkgbase is the package name.

Comes with a slightly modified Arch config asking for a few core personalization settings at compilation time. If you want to streamline your kernel config for lower footprint and faster compilations : You can optionally enable support for it at the beginning of the PKGBUILD file. Make sure to read everything you need to know about it as there are big caveats making it NOT recommended for most users.

Other stuff included:

  • Graysky's per-CPU-arch native optimizations -
  • memory management and swapping tweaks
  • scheduling tweaks
  • optional "Zenify" patchset using core blk, mm and scheduler tweaks from Zen
  • CFS tweaks
  • using yeah TCP congestion algo by default
  • using cake network queue management system
  • using vm.max_map_count=524288 by default
  • cherry-picked clear linux patches
  • optional overrides for missing ACS capabilities
  • optional Fsync support (proton)
  • optional ZFS fpu symbols (<5.9)

Install procedure

Arch & derivatives

git clone
cd linux-tkg
# Optional: edit customization.cfg file
makepkg -si

DEB (Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives) and RPM (Fedora, SUSE and derivatives) based distributions

git clone
cd linux-tkg
# Optional: edit customization.cfg file
./ install

Uninstalling custom kernels installed through the script has to be done manually. The script can can help out with some useful information:

cd path/to/linux-tkg
./ uninstall-help

Void Linux

git clone -b tkg
cd void-packages
./xbps-src binary-bootstrap
# Optional: edit customization.cfg located in srcpkgs/linux-tkg/files
# Optional: add custom userpatches with the ".mypatch" extension to srcpkgs/linux-tkg/files/mypatches
./xbps-src pkg -j$(nproc) linux-tkg

If you have to restart the build for any reason, run ./xbps-src clean linux-tkg first.

Other linux distributions

If your distro is not DEB or RPM based, script can clone the kernel tree, patch and edit a .config file from your current distro's that is expected at /boot/config-`uname -r`.config (otherwise it won't work as-is)

The command to do for that is:

./ config