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Full swept AABB collision and resolution
Signed-off-by: magic_rb <richard@brezak.sk>
2024-01-01 23:40:23 +01:00

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# Number of spaces per indentation step
indentation: 2
# Max line length for automatic line breaking
column-limit: none
# Styling of arrows in type signatures (choices: trailing, leading, or leading-args)
function-arrows: leading
# How to place commas in multi-line lists, records, etc. (choices: leading or trailing)
comma-style: leading
# Styling of import/export lists (choices: leading, trailing, or diff-friendly)
import-export-style: diff-friendly
# Whether to full-indent or half-indent 'where' bindings past the preceding body
indent-wheres: false
# Whether to leave a space before an opening record brace
record-brace-space: false
# Number of spaces between top-level declarations
newlines-between-decls: 1
# How to print Haddock comments (choices: single-line, multi-line, or multi-line-compact)
haddock-style: multi-line
# How to print module docstring
haddock-style-module: null
# Styling of let blocks (choices: auto, inline, newline, or mixed)
let-style: auto
# How to align the 'in' keyword with respect to the 'let' keyword (choices: left-align, right-align, or no-space)
in-style: right-align
# Whether to put parentheses around a single constraint (choices: auto, always, or never)
single-constraint-parens: always
# Output Unicode syntax (choices: detect, always, or never)
unicode: never
# Give the programmer more choice on where to insert blank lines
respectful: true
# Fixity information for operators
fixities: []
# Module reexports Fourmolu should know about
reexports: []